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Premium Listings for Pet-Friendly Properties

Reach millions of our web visitors by enhancing your basic Pets on the Go™ listing. The following programs maximize your exposure on our site and our partner sites.

Featured Listing ($60/year). Your property name is highlighted and featured, in alphabetical order, on the appropriate state page. A featured listing includes a photograph of your property; a direct link to your website and descriptive text. Please click on this link to view an example and get the details.

Featured Listing w/web page ($120/year). All of the benefits of a featured listing, as well as a searchable web page for your property that includes additional photographs, links and all the details. Click on this link to view an example and get the details.

Distinctive Property Listing ($150-225/year). These listings are available on a limited basis. Visitors access your listing from two of our most popular pages -- the home page and hotel search page. These listings include photographs, detailed descriptions and direct links. Click on this link to get the all the details.

The following premium listings are submitted and paid for electronically through our secure server. Please fill out the following form as completely as possible and press the submit button. You will have a chance to review the information before making payment. At the top of the review page is a payment link. Please click on this to complete your application. We will contact you within an hour of submission to confirm the details.

Featured listing w/link
Distinctive Property listing w/links
1 year featured listing page | 3 months distinctive listing page: $150/yr
Featured listing w/web page
Package Plan - Distinctive Property listing w/links
1 year featured listing page | 1 year distinctive listing page: $225/yr
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Room Overview: Provide a descriptive overview of your rooms, noting guest favorites and/or the best ones for people traveling with pets:
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Featured Listing advertisers please provide 1 photograph of your property.
Featured Listing w/web page advertisers please provide 3 photographs of your property
Distinctive Listing advertisers please provide 2 photographs of your property.

Please e-mail .jpeg images to, making sure to include the name of your property.

Once we receive your submission form, photographs and confirmation of payment we will create your premium listing page and e-mail you with a link and editing instructions. Upon receiving final approval, we publish your premium listing within minutes.
Premium listings are provided by the property and Pets on the Go assumes no responsibility for their accuracy or for any damages from cancellations or refused payments by a guest/renter, or for actual physical damage to a property by a guest/renter