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Gadgets and Gizmos

Some of these items delight and amuse, while others are just plain helpful.

Zoomback Advanced GPS Dog Locator ™

Are you worried about your dog possibly wandering off and getting lost or worse that he or she might be stolen — then Zoomback is just for you. This unobtrusive GPS device is approximately 3 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide and fits into a neat little pouch that velcros onto their collar.

After logging onto the web site, you will be able to set up a safety zone around your property, vacation area, or any location you might be visiting. If your canine leaves the designated area, you will receive e-mails or mobile phone alerts that your pet has left the premises. You will then be able to follow the path they have taken as well as receive updated location alerts.

Paw Plunger

Whether you live in the city, country or just enjoy traveling with your dog, you've undoubtedly found that after your pet has been outdoors romping around their paws can sometimes get filthy dirty. You can carry them into the house, wrestle with them to clean their paws off in the bathtub, or struggle to try wipe them off with an old towel.

The Paw Plunger will solve this age old problem in a snap. Just fill the Paw Plunger about half way up with clean water and then dip your pet's paw into the plunger and carefully move the plunger up and down. The soft bristles inside with help remove any dirt, sand, and or seasonal chemicals that your pet has accumulated on their paws, while the wafter inside will help rinse it off. Afterwards, you can take an old hand towel and dry their clean paws off. A special towel is also available through Paw Plunger. All of which will save you tons of time and money having to clean dirty floors and carpets from dirty pet feet.

Petmate’s Clean Response Scooper

Tired of bending over and trying to pick up smelly and messy dog poops. Well, Petmate’s unique Clean Response makes this process all too easy! Just take a plastic bag of your choice (green disposable bags or store bags), slide the bag into the swiveling bucket, and then slip the handles over the clips on the side of the bucket. Then the next time you need to pick up your dogs mess, you can slide the bucket alongside and scoop up the dog waste into the large swiveling bucket. If you need a little extra help, the handy long handled rake can assist in pushing the poop into the bucket. Then simply remove the waste bag and dispose of the dog poop. The Petmate’s Clean Response is made of durable plastic that can be easily washed off and stored. The three foot long handles on the rake and bucket unscrew into three sections making them easy to stow away in a car for your next trip with your pet.

Skybox Booster Seat

We have all seen drivers with small dogs sitting on their laps, peering out of the driver's window and scampering around the front seat area. While this is probably a fun way to bond with your dog, it clearly can interfere with your driving and easily cause an accident.

The Skybox Booster Seat not only allows your favorite furry co-pilot (up to 30 lbs.) to sit safely right next to you but also lets them relax in an elevated box seat so that they can see just what is going on outside the car. This comfortable padded booster seat is secured to the car's passenger seat so you can easily and safely travel with your pet (comes with an adjustable tether harness clip). The washable padded liner is lightweight and the metal frame supports ensure that your pet will ride comfortably and securely in their new skybox viewing area. Best of all, the seat is easily adjustable and installs quickly — for pets on the go.

Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor

At last — an easy and effective way to remove pet stains and odors. The Dirt Devil Purpose for Pets Portable Extractor is lightweight and easy to treat and remove pet stains from both carpeting and upholstery. The integrated blacklight LEDs illuminates hidden pet stains while the 3" scrub brush allows you to easily remove stains with the specialized cleaners and shampoos. This handy extractor features a comfy hand grip, an on-board hose, and a cord and tool storage area. It also comes with two 8 oz. solutions of Dirt Devil Pet Stain and Odor Remover and Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner and Shampoo.

Top Tag Pet ID

For all those techies out there that want to provide a bit more information than you can usually fit on a standard dog ID tag... we have just the gadget for you — Top Tag Pet ID. This ID tag is actually a mini computer USB drive that is sealed in a waterproof case (1" x 7/16" x 1 7/8") that you can put all sorts of information about your pet on to. If your pet ever gets lost or misplaced someone can take the Top Tag Pet ID and plug it into their PC (doesn't work on Apple computers) and find out all the information that you have input on it about your dog (medical history, favorite foods, allergies, address, special needs, etc). There is also a photo album section along with an easy to print fact page. Makes for a great gift as well as an invaluable travel item.

The FURminator De-shedding Brush

The FURminator is a patented grooming tool that quickly and painlessly removes your pet's excess fur. The specially designed stainless-steel edge gently pulls away the undercoat without cutting or damaging their topcoat, thereby reducing shedding by up to 90 percent. It has received rave reviews from groomers, dog handlers, and furry family members of all sizes. There are three sizes to choose from — Small with a 1-3/4" edge, Medium with a 2-5/8" edge for dogs up to 70 lbs, and Large with a 4" edge for dogs over 70 lbs.

FURminator: $39-69

Otto Step for your SUV

If you have an SUV and are traveling with your dog, then you will love the Otto Step. It is not only light weight and easy to use, it will enable your dog to simply hop onto the Otto Step and then in or out of your SUV! No more lifting your dog in and out of your car or worse yet having your dog injure themselves by leaping down from high SUV cargo areas. The lightweight 6 pound step is manufactured out of durable super strong nylon glass filled plastic that can easily hold dogs over 200 lbs. Best of all, it easily slips right into your trailer hitch receiver in just a second. Unlike the usual bulky ramps that not only take up a lot of space but also require unfolding, setting up, and securing support safety straps, clips, or brackets. The Otto Step also has a nice tread so your pet will not slip when climbing onto the step. So next time you are heading off with your dog, make sure you bring along the handy Otto Step — your pet will love you for it.

Otto Step: $79.95

QuickFinder Deluxe — the painless pet nail clippers

Tired of having your pet cry out or run for the hills when they see you pull out the nail trimmer. The often agonizing process of cutting your pets nails correctly is made difficult because it is very hard to see exactly where their quick is in their nails. The QuickFinder Deluxe, is a patented safety nail clipper that utilizes QuickSensor technology to detect the the location of your pet’s quick. With red, yellow, and green LED lights, you can instantly tell when you are placing the stainless steel cutting blades in an area that might cut the pet's quick or if it is in a safe part of the nail to cut.The QuickFinder Deluxe is strong enough for use by groomers and veterinarians and offers even more durability cutting action and extra sensitivity sensors — so that your pet can have their nails trimmed properly without pain and bleeding.

Hearos Ear Plugs

Those dog lovers that enjoy having their friendly canine sleep in the same bedroom can attest to the fact that many dogs often either snore at night or go through a series of dream states where they bark or let out a howl in their sleep. So for those light sleepers out there that still want their cuddly canines to share their bedroom with them, there is a great solution — HEAROS premium ear plugs. These easy to use devices can reduce noise by 32 decibels, providing relief from the snoring schnauzer, howling hound, or even the restless retriever that just can't get settled down and roams about the room looking for just the right nook to cuddle into.

Made of super soft foam for ultimate comfort, HEAROS earplugs come in a variety of styles and quantities from a packet with a single pair to a package containing over 100. Best of all, you and your furry friend will be able to once again enjoy a great night's sleep in the same room again for under $10.

Hearos Ear Plugs: $3.99-9.99

Lint on the go sheets

While we all love our dogs, we are not as fond of all the hair on our clothes and furniture! While there have been a myriad of hair removal options out on the market, none are as easy to use and effective as the original LINT-ON-THE-GO-SHEETS!®. No more bulky lint rollers to carry around, you just slide your hand under a clear cover, and with your other hand peel away protective liner — and start patting away any pet hair. So whether you are heading off to work, a big presentation, a black-tie event, or hot date... LINT-ON-THE-GO will help you look your best time and time again.

Packs of 20 sheets (4-1/2" x 3") easily fit into your suit, purse or glove compartment.

PetSTEP™ for the boat or car

The industry leading PetSTEP™ folding ramp is 70 inches in length and is the perfect solution to safely allow your pet to get in and out of your car or SUV down to the ground. While it can hold pets up to 500 pounds, the ramp itself weighs just 18 pounds and easily folds in half to a manageable 35" long and 5" thick — so it can be stored behind the seat. The rubberized non-slip treads make it easy for your pet to climb up or walk down the ramp. There is not any carpeting that can mildew or telescoping arms to constantly adjust.

Best of all, the PetSTEP™ can be fitted with some impressive options such as legs to transform it into a table as well as flotation devices that allow swimming pets to easily walk up the ramp out of the water onto a boat or dock.

Poochie-Bells—Let your dog tell you they want to go outside

Ever want to have your dog tell you they need or want to go outside. Well, the staff at Poochie Bells have come up with a clever way to do just that. There are dozens of different colored ribbons to choose from — each one has four heavy duty metal bells attached to it at different heights.

The ribbon is hung from your door knob. Then by teaching your dog that they need to take their nose or paw to nudge the bells each time they want to go through the door, they will quickly learn to ring the bells every time the urge hits them. Every Poochie-Bells kit comes complete with training instructions.

Road Refresher non-spilling water bowl

The Road Refresher is an ingenious non-spill pet bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pet's slobber by up to 90%. It features a floating plate inside which allows enough water through for your dog to drink at all times, yet immediately restricts the flow when ever their is a surge of water from cornering, braking, or hitting pot holes. The bowl has a Velcro® fastener under its base so that it may be placed on a carpeted surface - such as in back of your SUV - and will remain in position. With a capacity of 54 oz. of water, your pet will have plenty of water for the trip and will not loose a drop to sharp turns or sudden stops.

Brake-fast® bowl's

Is your canine companion a chow hound ? — devouring their dog food in seconds. Well, the folks at Brake-fast have just the solution for you. Their Brake-fast® bowl's patented design prevents your dog from scarfing their food down. The three nob-like protrusions make dogs slow down as they need to eat the food around each of knobs, thereby reducing the chance of gobbling it up in seconds, re-eating their food, or getting Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV or 'Bloat'). Veterinarian tested and recommended, the bowls come in either metal or plastic (blue, red and black) and in three sizes — small, medium, and large.

Brush Buddy™

The Brush Buddy cleans, de-sheds, dries, massages, and stimulates a healthy coat and even removes pesky hair and dirt from your car and furniture. The soft and flexible rubber bristles invigorate and gently massage your dog, while the ergonomically designed hand pockets make it easy to brush and towel dry off their entire body. Thousands of rubber bristles seemingly attract hair like a magnet and the plush terry cloth absorbs water quickly from wet fur and paws. Great for at home or while traveling!

One-Touch Pet Gate™

The Richell One-Touch Pet Gate is a great looking, easily assembled and transported pet gate. Coming in either a white or rich wood tone color, the 21 Lb. pet gate fits in hallways and doorways from 28 to 35 inches. There are additional gate wings that can be attached to make the gate even wider.

The easily turning knobs on each end make it easy to install and bring along with you when traveling! The handle on top of the gate firmly secures the gate both on the top and bottom of the gate. Plus, by opening the gate and then lowering the handle, the gate can rest in a seemingly closed position keeping your pet on one side, but allowing you to easily go back and forth without securing it each time.

Dynaflex Powerball

It may be shaped like a ball, but it isn't the kind you toss. This Powerball is more than just a cool, flashing gadget -- it is great for building the strength in your fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder. We use it to train for racquet sports, while others use it to ward off carpal tunnel syndrome. Give it a try, and we bet that you will be tossing that ball a little further for Fido in no time.

  • Powerball gets going easily with the flick of a thumb or a quick pull of its starter cord.
  • Rotate your wrist to make the balanced rotor spin faster and faster, up to 13,000 rpm.
  • Blue LEDs glow brighter as the dynamic powerhouse gains speed.
  • Its 35 lbs. of gyroscopic force creates progressive resistance.
  • Improves coordination while building strength in your fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder.

The Schweizer Whistle™

Calling All Dogs — The Schweizer Whistle not only can provide a terrific way for you to communicate with your pet, it can do so using 16 different ultra-sonic whistle pitches. The easy to use multi pitch whistle not only works on dogs, but a variety of pets ranging cats and horses to dolphins and whales. This is a great way to get your pets attention both at home and when you are traveling.

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