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Toys and Treats


Ingenious “Chuckit” lets you throw your dog’s slimy tennis ball farther without ever touching it. As much fun for the owner as the dog, this ingenious tool gives you a powerful throwing arm. Balls fly faster, farther effortlessly. Just press the tapered ball claw onto the ball, and toss! No bending, and so easy on the elbow and back. Durable plastic. 26" long. USA.

Chuckit: $19.50

Maddy & Me Felted Yarn Dog Toys

These colorful braided felted yarn dog pulls are hand crafted by artisan Sue Clark, who recently added these fun dog toys to her expansive line of people-oriented felted wool accessories. The braided dog toys are made from 100% natural felted wool and are approximately 15 inches in length. Great for dogs of all ages for hours or playing, chewing or tugging with their favorite dog friend. As with any chewable toy, it is always advisable that your pet be monitored so they do not try and swallow their chew toys. Very durable and machine washable. Wool color combinations can usually be specified.

Kong Squiggles

The new KONG Squiggles dog toys come from the popular dog toy company Kong, which has produced such favorites as the Kong rubber toy treat dispenser, Kong tails, Wubbas, Air Kongs, and much more. Squiggles are both whimsical and colorful animal creations with long stretchable bodies and squeakers found in their heads and round tail ends. The durable construction combines with minimal stuffing and a stretching mid-section that will provide hours of fun. The cute animal heads range from monkeys and elephants to rabbits and donkeys. They also come in a small, medium and large sizes to appeal to dogs large and small.

Kong Squiggles: $3-9.95

Go Dog Toys

Go Dog toys offers an array of fuzzy and cuddly toys for your canine to play with, chew on, and snuggle alongside. There are fuzzy balls, assorted jungle animals, and larger barnyard buddies for your furry friend. This division of the Sherpa Pet Group has even come out with soft marine creatures that float. One of their newest releases are a dozen or so toys with Chew Guard technology or basically they are extra durable, double stitched on the seams and feature a protective liner to ensure a long lasting life. So collect a few or select one from each of the toy groups great for pets of all ages and sizes.

Go Dog Toys: $15-29.95

Wagatha's Fetchstix & Biscuits

Country dog or city slicker? Well the dogs living out in more rural areas can go find all the sticks and branches they desire to chew on and tear apart. The less fortunate dogs in more urban areas and large cities are stuck chewing on more unnatural substitutes. Well, not any more. The folks behind Wagathas' Fetchstix have come up with a clever solution. They have collected all sorts of Moose Maple branches and cut them into lengths of 8" or 11" and bundled three to a bunch. Each of the stick ends has been rounded off so that they are smooth to the touch and chew. The bundles of sticks come with a whimsical "User Guide" or for those interested your dog's name can be engraved on each stick. So urban dogs of all sizes will never have to do without a 100% natural wooden stick to chomp on again.

Wagathas also makes terrific all natural 100% organic dog biscuits in six scrumptious flavors. They are prepared with human edible ingredients without any fillers of any sort so you and your dog could technically munch on them together. 9 oz. containers $7.95-8.95 (they also come in cases)

Biscuits & Fetchstix: $7.95 - 9.95

Wag Wear Rubber Bones

Looking for something durable and fun for your playful dog to chew on? The Wag Wear company offers great 100% gum rubber chew toy bones in four great colors and scents Chocolate, Cashew, Pistachio and Peanut Butter. They also come in several handy sizes: small $10; medium $14 and large $18. So give your dog something to chew about... try one or all four.

Nina Ottosson Dog Activity Toys

Nina Ottosson Dog Activity Toys offers terrific interactive wood or plastic puzzle games for those pets that are bored with fetching balls or chewing on toys. Each of the puzzle activity toys has been created to help your pet find hidden snacks by lifting blocks, pushing levers, sliding pieces or turning disks. When they successfully move the necessary pieces they are rewarded with a treat. There are 20 different types of puzzle toys available ranging in price from $15.95-70. All are sure to thoroughly appeal and stimulate dogs of all ages as well as inquisitive cats and farm animals.

Loopies Dog Toy

For dogs who get bored with a ball and perhaps are a bit loopy themselves come playtime, the loopy hedgehog and water loopy provide entertainment for hours. The neoprene water loopy floats. The poly hedgehog loopy is soft and fuzzy. A great holiday gift for the family dog. In small, medium, large.

Loopies: $10-15

Aspen Pet Plush Toys

For dogs large and small here are some great soft toys that are not only extremely durable but also very colorful. They not only come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but also in a variety of animal figures to please every pet in the household. It is hard to choose just one so collect a bunch. Some of our favorites are the Round Hounds, Long Friends, and the Booda Bellies.

Plush Toys: $4.95-15.95

Water Bottle Cruncher Toys

What is it about empty water bottles that dogs love crunching on so much? With Water Bottle Crunchers, the water bottle slips into the 17" long protective toy sleeve surrounding the plastic bottle giving your pet the great sound and resistance of durable plastic. Fat Cat has created three whimsical animal sleeves a caterpillar, snake, and cat. Water bottles up to 20 oz. are securely held in place with several layers of velcro providing hours of fun for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Flying Squirrel

You'll want your dog to chase this squirrel!

Toss it like a flying disk and let your dog do the rest. Made of soft, yet durable nylon canvas and reinforced with rubber edges, it's easier on his gums and surprisingly easy to throw. Bright coloring makes it easy to spot should your dog get too tired to retrieve it. USA.

Color: orange.

Flying Squirrel: $7.95-9.95

Humunga Tongue

Not such a far-fetched idea, Humunga Tongue is sure to elicit giggles.
Imagine the fun you'll have at the park when you and your favorite pooch play with Humunga Tongue (named after humongous which is slang for very large). Made of non-toxic natural rubber, it's actually a ball with a very long, fake tongue attached. Just throw it; when your dog retrieves Humunga Tongue, giggles are sure to follow.

Humunga Tongue: $6.99-9.99

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