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Pet Friendly Timeshares

Timeshares all over the world welcome pets, and some of the best even include pet beds, sitters, aromatherapy and fine dining for your well-heeled furry friend.

Pet Friendly Timeshares
Bring your pets on your next vacation. With timeshares that cater to felines and canines, your little buddies can enjoy the same level of luxury as you do. With an array of services and amenities, pet-friendly timeshares are an excellent alternative to B&Bs, inns, and hotels.

The Destinations
There are vast assortment of pet friendly timeshares for sale all over the world. Choose from a multitude of locations across the US as well as in Canada, Mexico and parts of Europe. Many of these timeshares are ideally situated near parks, lakes, and gardens making it easy for guests to take their pets for walks or to romp across the wide-open spaces.

The Timeshare Advantage
Many timeshare resales are pet friendly. Renting pet friendly timeshare rentals is not only a wonderful way to check into some luxurious resorts, but to also enjoy a unique timeshare experience. There are no contracts or maintenance fees with these rentals, however some properties do charge a fee for bringing your pet. It is always a good idea to speak with the management about your pets to fully understand what policies, fees, and restrictions they may have, as well as the attributes and pet-friendly amenities they offer both on property and in the nearby area.

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