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Pet Travel Scheme Regulations


Type of microchip

A microchip must first be implanted in the animal to identify it. We do not specify a particular type or brand of microchip to be used but, in Europe ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standard microchips meeting specifications 11784 or Annex A of ISO Standard 11785 are generally used.

If the microchip does not meet either of these (ISO) Standards, you should provide your own microchip reader (at your expense) to enable the microchip number to be read successfully when your animal enters the UK or needs to be checked in a European PETS country.

Fitting a microchip

You can get your pet fitted with a microchip at any time but remember it must be done before it is vaccinated against rabies and blood tested. (There is an exception to this rule for pets resident in France or Denmark.) Your vet should record the microchip number on your pet’s vaccination record at the time of vaccination. The microchip number will also be recorded on the official PETS certificate.

Your vet should insert the microchip according to the manufacturer’s instructions (and any national rules that may apply). Ask your vet to test that the microchip works by checking its number before and after it has been fitted.

You can now arrange to have your pet vaccinated against rabies.

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