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Pet Travel Scheme Regulations


When to vaccinate

Your pet must be at least three months old before it is vaccinated. This can be done any time after your pet has been fitted with a microchip. Before vaccinating your pet, make sure your vet checks its microchip number and enters it on your pet’s vaccination record.

If your pet has been vaccinated against rabies before it was identified by a microchip, it will have to be fitted with a microchip and vaccinated again. This is to make sure that your pet is correctly identified when it is vaccinated.

The procedure for pets resident in France is slightly different.

Vaccination record

When your pet is vaccinated, make sure that your vet has recorded the following details on its vaccination record:

1. its date of birth/age (if known)
2. the microchip number (and date of insertion, if known)
3. the date of vaccination
4. the vaccine product name
5. the batch number
6. the date its booster vaccination is due (calculated by reference to the vaccine manufacturer's data sheet)

Re-vaccination (boosters)

After your pet has been vaccinated and successfully blood tested, it will need regular booster vaccinations. These must be given by the "valid until" date on the PETS certificate. If this date is missed your animal will not meet the conditions of the scheme and will have to be vaccinated and blood tested again. The 6 month rule will then apply from the date the new blood sample is taken. If your pet always has its booster on time, it will not need another blood test.

You should now ask your vet to arrange to have your pet blood tested. This should take place about 30 days after vaccination. Your vet will advise you further.

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