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Press -- Pets on the Go In the News -- 2003

Washington Post
According to the Washington Post's Annual Guide on Specialty Travel, Pets on the Go is considered "among the best resources for some of the more popular specialty travel topics."

Pets on the Go, 781-934-7202, Pet-friendly hotels, destination reviews and other resources on the info-packed site. There's even a "Pet Travel Trends" section. Membership ($15 annually) allows you to customize your search and access premium content.

CBS MarketWatch
Vacations go to the dogs -- Hotels increasingly cater to guests' four-legged friends.
Dawn Habgood, co-founder of Pets on the Go, is used as the primary resource on why the hotel industry is increasingly catering to people and their pets. "People are more aware, (they) now understand it's not a big deal, your pet can come along," said Dawn Habgood, co-founder of and co-author of "Pets on the Go," a book about traveling with pets. And, at some properties, not all canines need apply: Many chains only allow dogs that weigh, say, less than 40 pounds, and some provide a limited number of rooms to pets. "Not all of their rooms are pet friendly," Habgood said. "When those rooms are full, you're out of luck."

Pet-friendly polices "are great, it's wonderful they're doing it, but it's important to understand it's not carte blanche," she said.

Prices vary as well. In general, pet owners should expect to pay about $5 to $25 per day, Habgood said, though at the Kimpton and Loews hotels, pets stay for free, as do dogs at the Sheraton and Westin chains.

Some hotels may charge a refundable deposit of about $25 to $50, but travelers should be wary that some hotels are starting to make that nonrefundable, Habgood said.
MSNBC recommends Pets on the Go as one of the top "pet-centric websites" that can be quite useful" in finding pet friendly accommodations.

"Run by Dawbert Press, the publisher of “Pets on the Go Travel Guides” (’s #1 Best-selling Pet Travel Guide), Pets on the Go lists 18,000 pet-friendly B&Bs, inns, motels, hotels and resorts. Advice, travel tips, pet-events and tours are archived. There is a membership available for $14.95 a year, but most parts of the site are accessible to non-members. Members receive “enhanced” features on the site (access to some more articles and information) and discounts up to 50 percent off accommodations, rental cars, and pet products."

AP Wire Service
Hawaii Quarantine
Dawn Habgood is interviewed by AP Wire Service about vacationing with pets in Hawaii. The article is picked up by the national and international press.

"Dawn Habgood, co-author of the travel book series ``Pets on the Go,'' said she has received thousands of inquiries over 25 years from travelers interested in visiting Hawaii with their pets. Her advice had been: Stay away.

``We, over the years, have avoided writing about Hawaii,'' said Habgood. ``It was like holding out this magical place to people but then saying, 'Oh, sorry, can't go.'''

She's altered that advice now and is hoping the thousands of people who vacation with their pets each year will consider Hawaii a possible destination."

The Washington Post
Take Your Pet on Vacation
"The car is packed, major appliances are turned off, kennel reservations are confirmed . . . and there sit Fido and Fluffy, giving you The Look. Pets hate being left behind -- after all, they love cavorting in the surf or hiking mountain trails, too. Wouldn't it be fun to take them along? Luckily, within a couple of hours of the D.C. area, plenty of hotels, inns and lodges let you do just that. When traveling with pets, planning is key. Web sites like are great resources, and "call ahead" should be your mantra."
Knight Ridder Newspapers
Traveling with pets requires special preparations
Pets on the Go is used as the background for much of the information presented in this article and is listed as one of the top Internet resources for pet travel, noting its directories of "pet-friendly lodging and services, plus extensive travel tips."
WOR Radio Network
The Dolans
Airlines Receive New Guidelines for Service Animals
Nationally-syndicated talk show hosts, Ken and Daria Dolan, interview Dawn Habgood (Vice President of Pets on the Go) to get the inside scoop on the new Department of Transportation guidelines regarding airlines' acceptance of service and emotional support animals. Dawn talks to the Dolans and takes questions from listeners.
Aviator's Guide
Flying Is For The Birds (and dogs and cats and snakes...)
Flying with pets need not mean dog days in the cockpit – if you follow our tips.
This is a great article for those thinking about flying their pets via smaller, private planes. Robert Habgood, co-author for Pets on the Go, provides a great deal of information for this article regarding pre-flighting your pet, as well as on how to find pet-friendly accommodations once you reach your destination.
Newsweek International
Taking Toto On The Road
How to travel with your pet
Dawn Habgood, co-author of Pets on the Go and editor of is quoted in, and provides much of the background information for, this article on international pet travel.
Time Magazine
Where Guests With Four Legs Are Pampered
Traveling with pets gets easier as innkeepers unleash creature comforts
Pets on the Go is the only site recommended by Time Magazine as the best on-line resource for finding pet-friendly accommodations.
National Public Radio

The Savvy Traveler
(Click on the Savvy Traveler link to listen to the interview)

Travelers Aid: Flying with Pets
"There are some simple things you can do to help ensure that your pet flies safely and comfortably. Savvy Traveler host Diana Nyad chats with Dawn Habgood, a travel-with-pets expert, and the mind behind Pets on the Go.

Dawn talks about what travelers' options are for transporting pets, and how much each costs. She also lends her insight on which airlines have a particularly good reputation as pet transporters, what you should do to prepare your pet for travel, what pets should never fly, flights that are the most pet-friendly, what the check-in process is for pets, and the most common mistakes travelers make when flying with their furry friends."
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