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We have compiled some resources that direct you and your dog to intriguing parks and recreation areas. Some of the sites even feature recreation areas where dogs can romp off leash — a preferred mode of exploration by most canines. In September, members are encouraged to log into our recreation database for even more detailed information on the subject.

Dog Parks

Dog Park
The site does an excellent job of dishing the details on dog parks in the United States and Canada. It is easy to navigate, loaded with details, and easy on the eyes. We especially like their list of off-leash parks. The site does stray outside the dog park arena to briefly touch on other subjects; however, what we like best is their core information on dedicated dog parks.

The Dog Park
Not to be confused with the "other" dog park site. We like to think of this as the light version of They touch on many of the same subjects, but don't offer the same level of detail. This is a good site to use as a cross-reference with

National Recreation Areas

Recreation Opportunities on Federal Lands
This is the most powerful web site to go to for information on recreational opportunities on federal lands. Those who enjoy exploring the wilderness with their dogs will love this site. We take you to the advanced search area, where you can search for pet-friendly outdoor spaces by specific agency such as the Bureau of Land Management, the USDA Forest Service, or the National Park Service. We prefer the Bureau of Land Management lands because dogs are generally allowed in these areas off leash.

Pets on the Go offers you an excellent overview of national and state park pet policies; however, once you select your destination go to the National Park Service site for very specific details. When planning a visit to our national parks, remember that the tendency is to limit pet access. Many trails are off limits to dogs, and those that do allow pet explorations require that dogs be on a six-foot leash.

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