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In order to help guide our visitors to appropriate pet-friendly state and national parks, we have developed a recreation resource that tells you which parks are pet-friendly, outlines the rules and provides contact information.

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It would seem that state and national parks are the perfect places for dogs and their humans to bond. After all, think of all the wide open spaces and trails that people and their pets can explore together.

  • Many of the country's state and national parks welcome pets; however, their rules can be very restrictive. While pets are often allowed in the campgrounds, they might not be allowed on the hiking trails or on the beaches. Most areas limit pet access to within 100-feet of a paved trail or road. This means that they cannot go into the back country. It is important to know ahead of time what to expect and plan accordingly.
  • Dogs must almost always be leashed while visiting state and national parks. This is as much for their protection as it is for the local wildlife. A domestic dog and wild animal are not well suited to close encounters; therefore it is important to always have your dog under control. It is also important to pay attention to the environmental factors. For instance, in Yellowstone National Park they have nicknamed one hot spring, “Hot Dog Pool” as stray dogs have literally overheated after falling into these thermal pools.
  • While we are not telling you to stay away for state and national parks with your pets, we are advising that you think carefully about what you will do with your pet while visiting. If you need to leave the campsite the alternatives are locking them in the car or tying them up. Both are potentially dangerous choices. Locking them in the car can be unsafe and tying them up can make them attractive targets for the local large animal population.

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