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Years ago, when we first started writing about cross-country skiing with dogs, we had to leave most Nordic ski centers’ groomed trails off our list. Today, according to the Cross Country Ski Areas Association, more and more Nordic centers are allowing people to ski their groomed tails with their dogs.

If you do want to cross-country ski with your dog, there are a few general rules to keep in mind. The Association mentions that generally if the dog trails are groomed, there will be a trail fee (often for both dog and skier). By allowing dogs on the trails the area does incur additional expenses such as bags for cleaning up after the dog, additional trail grooming, and signs. Most areas require that pets be leashed, and so it is always important to check ahead and more importantly, follow the rules of the area.

This is a fairly new privilege for dogs, and we urge everyone to behave responsibly so that this trend can continue. Below is a list, compiled by the Ski Areas Association, of simple courtesies to observe when skiing at any pet-friendly Nordic center.
  • Keep your dog under control at all times.
  • Be particularly aware of your dog in the parking lot and trail head where you'll encounter skiers without dogs.
  • Abide by all municipal animal control ordinances and city, state and federal regulations.
  • Have proof of current rabies vaccination available.
  • Be courteous to other skiers and those snowshoeing.
  • Bag and remove any feces.
  • Restrain dogs before and after skiing, either by attaching to leads, tying up, or by leaving in your vehicle. Keep dogs within three feet of you or your vehicle.
  • Be in control of your dog at all times.

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