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The vast majority of people who travel with their pets, do so by car. There are times, though, that you might need to choose an alternate form of transportation to get to your destination. We have looked into a number of options that will help you get from here to there. Our goal is to make it simpler to book a flight, rent a car, and even charter a boat with your pet in tow.
Airline pet transporation is governed by the International Airline Transportation Association (IATA). Their rules are clear, but the fees that airlines charge for transporting pets and their regulations can be murky. We try to clarify the issues by providing an overview of general airline rules and then links to specific airlines, their requirements, and prices that you can expect to pay when transporting your pet by air.

The general rule of thumb for commercial bus travel is that pets are not allowed, other than special needs animals. There are a few private bus companies that will transport you and your pet; however, these are generally tour companies.

While only one commercial cruise line accepts pets, there are a number of private companies that will allow you to charter a boat with your pet. We give the names of these charter companies, as well as provide details on how to prepare your pet for sea and what to pack.

The general rule of thumb is that most car rental companies rent to people traveling with pets, but it is important to read the fine print or else you will be stuck with extra fees. We have compiled resources and links to the regional, national, and international car rental companies that are pet friendly.

This is actually our lightest category, because as you will soon learn, commercial trains do not transport pets. There are some scenic train trips that you can take in the U.S. with your pet, though, and we invite you to read on for all of the details.

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