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While rates often fluctuate with the tourist season’s highs and lows, you should be able to find a room in the listing’s given range. Rates are based on double occupancy and do not include taxes or meals, unless noted. Travelers also should inquire about special programs or seasonal discounts. Many of these accommodations offer terrific discount packages, off-season rates, reduced weekly rates, or interesting theme weekends. We recommend traveling during the “shoulder” season — the time after high season when the crowds are gone; the rates are considerably lower; and the room selection is far more extensive.

Pet Fees

Pet fees range from $2 to $500. Be clear with the reservation agent about any pet charge. If the charge is a deposit, it is refundable. If it is a fee, you will not get your money back. For some reason, this concept is often confusing for many reservationists. We often speak with managers who charge non-refundable deposits — clearly these charges are fees, not deposits. You can clarify if the pet charge is truly a fee or refundable deposit by asking the following questions.

Is there a fee to bring my pet?

If so, is it a fee or a deposit? If it is a fee, is the charge a daily fee or a one-time fee that covers the entire stay? Does the fee vary based on the size of my pet? Some do.

If the charge is a deposit, is it refundable or non-refundable (assuming that my pet does not damage anything)?

How do I collect my deposit when I depart?

Are there any other pet charges, deposits, or cleaning fees that I may encounter?

A word to the wise. Some of the more exclusive hotels and long-term residence inns charge both a daily fee and a hefty, non-refundable deposit (a/k/a fee) of $150-$500. While this charge might be tolerable for a longer stay, it often does not make sense if you are just staying for a night or two.

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