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There are many things that pet owners can do to make others more comfortable with their pet. Your dog may be under perfect voice control, but for everyone's comfort, always leash her, especially at rest stops. Dogs spook easily in new environments and can become unpredictable. You wouldn't want to loose a dog that bolted into traffic.

Accommodations are the most tricky part of pet travel. When pets are allowed, it is the small pet that is preferred. Anyone with a medium to large dog has a more difficult time checking into a hotel. Dawn and Robert Habgood, experts in pet travel and authors of Pets on the Go, tell us that nearly half of the pet-friendly accommodations they recommend place limits on the size of animals. This is why their guides always indicate pet-related size restrictions as well as fees.

When making reservations, be prepared to be interviewed about your pet. Practice patience and take the extra time to talk with the manager about your pet. This discussion also permits you to review the accommodation’s pet policies and programs with a live person. Some accommodations might ask you to sign a pet liability release form, while others just give you guidelines on pet etiquette. The best are those that offer pet treats and other special amenities to their four-legged guests, including homemade biscuits, meals, beds, bowls, sitters, beds, and much more.

Always assume that the following rules exist, unless the manager or written policies indicate otherwise:

Never leave your pet alone in the room. If management makes an exception to this policy, you can do a few simple things to keep your furry friend comfortable. Provide your pet with an assortment of toys and turn on the television or radio to give her some sense of companionship.
Bring bedding or a portable carrier for your pet.
Do not allow your pet on the furniture or beds.
Feed and provide water for your pet in the bathroom or on a tiled or hardwood floor. Not all pets are neat and tidy at meal time.
Walk your dogs off the property and always clean up after them.
Health regulations prohibit pets from areas where food is prepared or served. Don’t bring your pet to breakfast and don’t assume that she is welcome in the accommodation’s public areas.
Keep your pet leashed on the accommodation’s property. While your pet may be under perfect voice control, other guests may become apprehensive when they see an unleashed pet.

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