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While traveling with a pet can sometimes require compromise, you should not have to accept less in your room’s quality and cleanliness. You are a paying guest, who often pays a little extra for the right to bring your pet. You can, and should, ask questions about the room you are reserving. Some establishments have “pet rooms,” which can mean the bedrooms have private entrances; are located on the first floor; are smoking rooms; or are separated from other rooms. It is imperative that guests always contact the hotel directly before they actualy stay there so that they are completly clear on the type of pet rooms they will receive as well as the hotel's pet policies, rules, and fees.
How does our room compare with the average room?

You probably don’t want to stay in a place that relegates you to one of the least desirable rooms such as a sub-standard “pet room” or a smoking room that is not up to par due to excessive soiling, odors, or well-worn furnishings.

How recently was the room redecorated or refurbished? Is our room in the “new”
or “old” section of the hotel?

Clearly, it is ideal if your room has been recently refurbished and boasts updated amenities and features

Does the room have a separate outside entrance?

We actually prefer guestrooms with easy access to the great outdoors — which avoids navigating a labyrinth of hallways to take our dogs for a walk.

How large is the room?

Good-sized pets often can present a problem in small spaces.

Be specific!

Since guestrooms vary considerably, please be very specific about your personal requirements. We recommend that travelers carefully read through the listing’s summary of amenities before calling. If a website is available, take the time to look at it. While a picture is often worth a thousand words, keep in mind that it also can inaccurately characterize the property. Our experience has shown that the most detailed sites, especially those with a lot of interior photographs and detailed descriptions, are often the most accurate.

Location, Location, Location!

This real estate adage is all too true. Most of the time, an accommodation’s location is not paramount. Yet sometimes we discover that an inn or hotel that looks wonderful is located near a busy highway, next to train tracks, or in an area that isn’t particularly safe. We recommend asking a few focused questions about the surroundings.

Is the hotel located on a busy street or in a noisy part of town? If so, can you reserve a quiet room away from the commotion?

Are there safe green spaces or parks nearby to walk your dog? If not, what does the manager suggest for exercising your pet? Some larger inns and hotels also offer dog walking, which may appeal to some guests.

Be polite, but firm. It is always great to be pleasantly surprised and it is not as much fun to discover that your accommodations are not what you envisioned.

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