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Just as you have to pack appropriately for your vacation, your pet will need certain items to ensure her comfort and enjoyment. Consider bringing:

A leash and collar with ID tags. Create a vacation tag giving your local address and a telephone number. It also may be helpful to bring along a photograph of your pet in case you are separated.

A few favorite toys, chew bones, balls, and treats.

A large container of fresh drinking water from home.

A supply of her regular dog food (and a can opener, if needed).

Portable food and water bowls. We like both the collapsible bowls and even paper bowls for the trip. If your pet eats canned food, don't forget the can opener.

A pet bed, whether it is a towel, mat, pillow, or travel crate.

Grooming brushes/aids.

Any medication prescribed or suggested by your veterinarian, as well as vaccination records, particularly a rabies certificate or tag. Many overnight establishments, state forests, and parks now require current vaccination records for visiting pets. Your pet may need special inoculations when visiting regions with high incidence rates of diseases such as Lyme disease and rabies.

Pooper-scooper or plastic bags.

A flashlight for evening walks.

Paper towels for clean-up and old towels for drying wet dogs.

A Pet Emergency Kit (Please see Emergency Section) Pet First Aid is a great resource when traveling with your pet. Authored by Bobbie Mammato, the book is published by the American Red Cross and the Humane Society of the United States. The book's ISBN reference number is 1-57857-000X. For more information on this valuable tome, log on to the Humane Society’s website.

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