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Before you contemplate heading out on the road with your favorite furry friend, we recommend that you ask yourself a few questions about your upcoming trip.

Does my pet like to travel?

Dogs that lock all four legs when invited to jump in the car or cats that hide under the bed when their carrier appears are not going to be very happy traveling to a hotel. Some pets are homebodies that prefer the comfort of their bed to life on the road.
Is the destination a “pet-appropriate” one?

In other words, is your trip pet-oriented or people-oriented? For instance, if you are planning a ski trip where you will be gone for eight hours a day — leave your pet at home. If you are touring museums, historic buildings, or other non-pet-oriented destinations, please leave your furry friend at home with a loving pet-sitter or with a kennel (please refer to our pet sitter and kennel locator sections). While cats are often self-sufficient creatures that usually can handle long periods of solitude, dogs are pack animals that usually do not like being left alone for long intervals.
Is this trip a leisurely one?

When traveling with a pet, especially a dog, you should probably stop every two hours for walks and stretches. If you have limited time and are rushing from place to place, you may find it easier (and less stressful on your pet) to leave her at home.
Is your pet friendly and calm?

For obvious reasons, hoteliers will not welcome a high-strung, aggressive, or barking dog as a guest. You know your dog — if she fits into this category or is edgy around new people, please leave her at home.
Are you traveling to an extremely hot or cold climate?

Many accommodations do not allow you to leave your pet alone in the room. When you leave, the pet comes with you. This reality can pose a problem in extremely hot or cold climates, since it is unsafe to leave your pet in the car for even a few minutes.

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