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Pets on the Go™ has been helping people find just the right pet-friendly accommodations for over 20 years. In that time, we've seen many changes. More hotels than ever now welcome pets, but the perks don't stop there. Dine in an outdoor cafe or shop in the finest boutiques. Sightsee on a float plane, whale watch boat or by horse and carriage. Your pets are welcome to join you on historic walking tours and haunting ghost walks. And for those who thought that spas were just for people, now there are places where you can pamper your pet — from doggie day spas to pet massage therapists. Our pet-friendly activities resource is the place to look for hip and happening ways to spend quality time with your pet.
  • Hotel Pet Perks -- Find out what how hotels are rolling out the red carpet for pets by offering special pet amenities (SPA), dog walk maps, and even pet concierges.
  • Restaurants -- Get helpful hints on how to reserve an outdoor table for you and your dog at many restaurants;
  • Recreation -- Cross-country ski, visit a state park or learn about all of the cool new sports that have been developed around people and their pets;
  • Shopping -- Find out why shopkeepers are becoming more and more receptive to pets that stroll the isles with their people;
  • Sightseeing -- Walking tours, boat tours and bus tours are crusing the nations highways and byways, often with pets on board.
  • Theme Parks -- Theme parks don't generally welcome pets, but most of them do provide kennel facilities. We guide you to the best.

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