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Restaurants and Eating Out with Pets. Anyone who has traveled through Europe knows that pets “across the pond” enjoy many perks that their American counterparts do not. One of these is dining out. There is a good reason that dining out and dogs do not mix in the United States — health codes. Local health codes ban pets from enclosed restaurants and recommend that open-air areas should be off limits as well.

Restaurant owners are trying to accommodate pet owners by creating special seating areas on the perimeter of their outdoor cafes. Some provide a bowl of water and doggie treats while others create special menus for pets. For instance, at the Garden Court Café in Glen Ellen, California the special dog menu contains "Babaloo" Pizza and "Bleu" Plate Special. If you want to eat out with your pet, here are a few suggestions:
  • In almost all cases, restaurants cannot allow pets in their enclosed spaces and no amount of begging will change that.

  • Please keep your dog away from the other patrons — not everyone loves the idea of dining with dogs.

  • \While some restaurants provide bowls of water, don’t plan on it and bring a collapsible bowl with you.

Our database of pet-friendly restaurants is available to our members. It lists those places that truly welcome people and their pets. If you have a suggestion, please e-mail us at and we will add it to our database.

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