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Shop til You Drop. We always assumed that shopping and pets don’t mix; however, after some research we learned that people are feeling more and more comfortable about taking their pets into all sorts of stores – from the fashionable boutiques of Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive to the local bank and bookstore.

On a recent trip to Boston, we traveled along Newbury and Charles Streets with our dogs. Each stop was an eye-opener for us, illustrating the new freedom dog owners to take their companions shopping.

Clearly, the exemplary behavior of local canines and their conscientious owners has encouraged many shopkeepers to open their doors to well-behaved dogs. As long as your pet is socially adept (no cold wet noses bothering the other shoppers), and you watch their tails around the merchandise, dogs are often welcome visitors.

Here are a few suggestions for anyone who wants to shop with their pets:
  • Don’t assume that your pet is welcome; always ask permission before bringing your pet inside. (We sometimes call ahead just to see whether or not pets are welcome.)

  • Dogs should always be kept on a very short leash in the store. Small dogs are often happiest in your arms or a pet pack.

  • As you travel the streets, always have something for picking up your pet’s poop.

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