list a pet-friendly property

The great news for traveling pets is that many automobile rental companies are pet friendly! There are only a few things that you need to remember to avoid an extra cleaning fee.

Simply stated, your pet cannot damage the car's interior. While this caution might sound reasonable, you wouldn't believe some of the stories we've heard about rambunctious pets that took out their angst on the rental car. We've also heard tales of pets that did not like confinement in an unfamiliar space, so they decided to redesign the upholstery with a little clawing and chewing.

Less damaging, but equally bothersome to car rental employees, is the excessive amount of hair that some dogs leave behind. If the rental car staff has to spend extra time cleaning your car as a result of a shedding animal, they will charge you an additional fee.

We offer a few simple suggestions to help reduce excessive wear and tear on the rental car. The best idea is to put your dog or cat into a travel crate or behind a barrier/gate when driving. This constraint keeps them safe and more comfortable. Placing an old blanket or sheet over the seat will reduce the amount of hair left in the car after your trip is over. Toys and chew sticks are good distractions, although our dogs seem to get their greatest pleasure looking out the car windows at other pets motoring down the highway.

While most rental companies are pet friendly, some will not accept your pet in the rental car, despite the animal's well-behaved nature or the significant damage deposit you are willing to place. We've contacted a number of car rental agencies and they confirmed that pets are welcome as long as the travelers follow their rules. Members please log in to access this list.

For additional ideas, please visit our other tips for the traveling pet.

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