5 tips to make your baby sleep on a plane

Get your child to sleep on a plane within minutes. Here are top tips to help your baby sleep on a flight.

Travelling with a sleeping kid on an airplane makes you less anxious and everyone can enjoy the flight. Whether you’re flying for just 3 hours or 15 hours, it’s always good when you’re relaxed. The only way to achieve this is by having a sleeping little one. Imagine slipping your child into girls pyjamas, or sleep wear and having them sleep through the entire flight?

Below are some of the top tips that will help you get your baby to sleep on a flight.

1. Book A Night Flight

The first tip will be booking a night flight. Mostly, babies are usually awake during the day, and tend to be tired by night time. So, by the time you get to the airport and finish up clearing, the baby ought to be extremely fatigued. By the time you actually board the plane, your baby will be in dire need of rest. So, all you will have to do is help him/her to fall to sleep once you’re on the plane. Additionally, at night passengers are quieter and this gives your baby humble time to sleep.

2. Ensure You Feed Your Baby Before Takeoff

Have you ever noticed that sleeping on a hungry stomach is quite difficult? Babies also experience ear pain during take-offs because of the change in air pressure. This can cause a lot of discomfort, making it hard for the baby to sleep. An easy way to fight this is by breastfeeding, bottle feeding or giving your baby a pacifier. Although not all babies experience the ear pain, it’s good to take precaution before the flight. It’ll help the baby fall asleep quickly during takeoff and even while in the air.

3. Create A Comfortable, Quiet Zone

If you are travelling with a baby you will have an extra seat on the flight. The extra seat is for providing little room for the baby when need be. You can place the baby on that seat so that he/she can stretch or when it’s time for bed. To create a quiet environment, you should turn off electronics, shut the window shade and darken the seat screens. By doing so, you will be taking away much stimulation from the environment.

4. Carry Baby Sleep Aids

You should have a portable mattress so that you can move your baby without waking them up. In case you don’t have one, you can request the flight attendants to assist you with an airline bassinet and a lap baby. Alternatively, you can get an airplane seat extender or travel bed for your baby. To make the baby more comfortable you can get her girls pyjamas or boy pyjamas for boys.

5. Maintain your Baby’s Routine

Lastly, you should always observe your baby’s routine. Whether it’s feeding time, or sleeping time, try to maintain that even when you’re on a flight. For example, if you read storybooks to your baby during bedtime ensure you read a storybook to them before you put them to sleep.

Take Away

The tips explained above will help you put your baby to sleep on any flight regardless the hours in question. Hopefully this article has been beneficial and you’ll be able to use the tips mentioned for your next trip with your little one.


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