Complete packaging for your cosmetic products

The Caps and Jars team is a modern, young and entrepreneurial manufacturer of cosmetics packaging. Our goal is to make shopping in our store as quick and convenient as possible. Our customers can enjoy making products with us. All packages are designed to suit your needs and consultants provide free advice on the best option for your product.

Cosmetics packaging – a very large choice

As a manufacturer of cosmetics packaging, Caps and Jars makes every effort to make your dreams come true every day. Our highly qualified team of packaging, marketing and design experts will help you promote your brand, product or packaging. You can also create your own package with us. Our team of experienced designers will help you create the perfect packaging for your product.

Cosmetic packaging is our mission and our hobby

Caps and Jars is committed to continuously improving its brand. It is part of the main Arexim Packaging network with 20 years of marketing experience. Membership in this network gives you the opportunity to work with leaders in the packaging industry, such as Rebhan, Bech Packaging, Polipack, Masterchem, Giflor and other trusted partners.

Our main goal is to create an intuitive business platform with high-quality educational materials to make the process of purchasing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic packaging quick and easy, helping small businesses grow their business. Caps and Jars also offers design and branding services so you can focus solely on perfecting your products.

We solved main problems in cosmetics packaging

The main problem of packaging cosmetics is that cosmetics can be stored for a long time without losing their properties. The normal shelf life of creams and lotions is usually around six months. Using such products means opening containers up to several times a day. In traditional containers and bottles, the contents come into contact with the unhygienic environment and the skin of the user who applies the cosmetic with his fingers.

Our packaging is made of such materials and prefabricated elements that completely eliminate these problems. The new cosmetic line of glass jars is a very ecological solution, because glass does not pollute nature and is a reusable material. Effective cosmetics can also be made with little or no dyes and various artificial fillers that have a negative impact on the ecosystem. This is how we work to avoid heat treatment, which is a non-ecological method. But you can check all this for yourself!


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