Different types of shoes for different customers

Shoes dedicated to men are very popular products, especially for people who look for unique solutions. They need to be comfortable and look amazing. If you also think that a fashionable man should wear not only a pair of trainers, you should read this article to the end.

  1. Types of shoes worth noticing
  2. Where to buy original Italian shoes?

Types of shoes worth noticing

There are more types of shoes for men than you think. There are classic shoes, wingtip shoes, monk shoes, loafers & slip-ons, hand painted shoes, chelsea boots, chukka boots, high boots, casual shoes, sneakers, bunte schuhe and many more. Furthermore, a great number of them can be made in accordance to your preferences. The solution can make them special and out of ordinary.

If you do not know all of those shoes types, it is worth to start from wingtip shoes.

Wingtip shoes are elegant shoes that will underline the personality of the buyers. At Peppe Shoes, the customers can order custom mens shoes and have a unique pair of shoes in their wardrobe. However, if you do not have any ideas how to create your personal shoes, you may see the large offer of Peppe Shoes online. You will definitely choose something right for your needs.

Where to buy original Italian shoes?

The best place for buying colorful mens shoes is definitely the Peppe Shoes. Why? There are many reasons. Some of them are following.

First of all, you will have original shoes manufactured in Italy with the highest quality components. You can be sure that the footwear is long lasting.

Secondly, there is an online creator at the Peppe Shoes where every customer can make the unique shoes that will underline their personality. The creator allows to select different types of shoes (for example classic or chukka), different types of shoes that can be modified (toe, top or sole) and different colours of the laces. The final step is choosing the size of the shoes (from EU 39 – US 6 – UK 5 – 24,7cm to EU 46 – US 13 – UK 12 – 30,8cm).

Thirdly, the buyer may count on the free worldwide shipping. It means that you do not have to pay for the shipping, no matter where you live.

The last, but not the least important advantage of doing online shopping at Peppe Shoes is the possibility to return or exchange the footwear within 30 days. It is a great benefit, especially when the customer is not sure that the particular pair of shoes is right to the outfit. However, it is worth bear in mind, that custom made shoes cannot be returned.


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