How to change brake light?

Automotive industry has changed a lot over the past two decades. Cars from simple machines turned into computers on wheels. Computers with which very little can be done today alone. Sometimes, even replacing a light bulb can be a bit of an orbit. How to change brake light?

It is important to learn how to replace the rear bulbs in the car, because they and each bulb outside the car have an important safety function. This may seem obvious, but think about how often you see someone driving with a taillight or only one brake light. If both the brakes and taillights go out, it’s just an accident that awaits, especially in the dark. The fact is, these small bulbs are often neglected, most people do not even know that they have already left until stretched and hit with a fine, and yet it only takes a few seconds to check.

  1. Easy bulb replacement 

Some manufacturers facilitate the replacement of bulbs in cars and SUVs, allowing access through the interior of the vehicle. If your vehicle has this type, you can skip steps 2 to 4. If you have easy access, you may need to easily open the flap or panel on the inside of the brake light lens. As you step inside the brake light lens, you’ll see the brake light bulb holder.

  1. Locate the mounting screws

When locating the mounting screws on the lens assembly, a lot is obvious, but some are covered with cosmetic covers that fall off easily.

  1. Remove the fixing screws

When you find the fastening screws, remove and set the screws aside.

  1. Remove the rear light

Most rear light assemblies leave immediately. If it gives some resistance, pay attention to the direction of installation of the rear lamp and pull it out.

  1. Find the burned bulb

After removing the taillight assembly, locate the brake light bulb socket. If you are unsure which socket is for the stop light, ask someone to depress the brake pedal or activate danger.

  1. Removing the brake bulb

The bulb socket has a release tab; rotate left to delete. To remove the brake bulb, make sure the lights are off and the bulb is cool to the touch. Pull the brake bulb out of the socket.

How to change brake light?
  1. Determining the right bulb

After removing the brake bulb, look at the numbers on the bulb and match them to the new bulb.

  1. Apply dielectric grease

Apply dielectric grease to the brake bulb holder. Just peas to put it in the nest.

  1. Install the bulb

Take a new bulb and install it in the brake light socket.

  1. Install the brake light socket

Install the stop light socket, align the tabs on the socket and rear lamp, and after insertion, turn clockwise to lock.

  1. Check the brake light function

Test the stop light function before installing the stop lamp shade.

  1. Install the rear light

Adjust the taillight and slide into place; align the mounting holes and start mounting screws.

  1. Tighten the fixing screws

The mounting screws are tightened by hand.

The brake bulb is very important for the driver, passengers and surrounding traffic. It is necessary to make sure that the headlights, driving lights, stop lights, hazards and direction indicators are working. If replacing your brake bulb is something you prefer to leave to professionals, ask one of YourMechanic’s certified technicians to replace it.



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