How to Choose Wine and Not Make a Mistake

It seems that among the huge assortment in the wine department of the supermarket without a personal sommelier, it is unrealistic to choose a delicious wine for dinner. The hand immediately reaches for the most beautiful bottle with a bright label.

But the design of the bottle is far from the first thing you need to pay attention to when buying wine Cyprus on the Puninwine site. The ideal drink will have to be chosen by trial and error. Let’s break down all the nuances of this issue that are of interest to beginners.

How to Choose Red Wine

The first thing to look for is the aging time. It should be a drink older than a year. And a perfect option is a wine aged for more than three years. The fact is that, unlike white wine, red wine needs to ripen before it gets into the glass. Due to a high amount of tannins, the drink “lives” longer, and with age, its taste and aroma only become richer. But in youth, red wine is often very tart — not everyone likes it.

How to Choose White Wine

Quality white wine is transparent, shining, muted, or deep yellow. The aroma can be very different — from fruity to honey. But what definitely should not be, is a sharp alcohol smell. First, forget about taste preferences and study the label. The main rule is that the drink should be young. Therefore, in the store, pay attention to those bottles that are no more than two years old. Of course, there are older spirits, but quality long-aged white wine is not found on the shelves of a regular supermarket.


How to Choose a Dry Wine

Dry wines are made from those grape varieties in which the sugar content is initially low:

  • Merlot,
  • Cabernet,
  • Muscat,
  • and Sauvignon.

The must is aged in barrels until almost complete fermentation of sugar. The output is a tart drink with a vivid wine aroma. There are few sugars in dry wine — no more than 4 g/l. The alcohol ranges from 8.5 to 15% vol. Read the information on the bottle label. Traditionally, the best dry wines are produced in France and Italy. It is the brands from these countries that you should pay attention to if you do not know which dry wine to choose.

How to Choose Semi-Dry Wine

Semi-dry wines are slightly softer than dry ones. They are mainly produced from Malbec, Rkatsiteli, Pink Muscat, and Sylvaner grapes. Drinks are made using a special technology — fermentation is stopped when a certain concentration of sugar is reached in the must. This is crucial. The sugar content in the drink should not exceed 18 g/l. Alcohol has a strength in the range of 8.5-15% vol.

How to Choose Sweet Wine

Sweet white wines are more common than red ones. They are universal — delicate in taste, have unique aromas, and are combined with many dishes. Therefore, if you do not have a special respect for strong drinks, opt for a bottle of white — you will not lose.


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