How to get real estate leads on Facebook?

A real estate broker is a profession whose role is to associate transaction parties. Therefore, the answer to the question of where to look for clients and efficiency in meeting their needs is a prerequisite for profitable business. Where to get buyers and sellers? How to get real estate leads on Facebook?

Where to find customers?

Customer relationships can also be established online. The internet is a place where many people look for service providers. The best agents have their own websites, professional profiles on social networks, create their own groups, participate in forums and prepare attractive content for clients. In this way, they create the image of a professional who is worth trusting.

Many asking themselves where and how to look for customers should reverse logic. Where would customers like to find me? So what can I do to help them contact me and establish cooperation. Customers are undoubtedly where real estate is. Google, ad services or facebook today. If you want to make it easier for clients to contact you, it is worth ensuring that the following queries appear on the internet: I’m looking for a real estate agent [city], real estate agent [city] or an effective real estate agent [city]. If after entering such a phrase your page or Google AdWords advertisement pops up, you have a good chance of acquiring a customer. 

Similarly with the presence of your profile on real estate websites. Today, almost everyone has tabs where you can put your own description, photo and offers. Facebook is another space you can attract customers if you take care of it properly.

How to get real estate leads on Facebook?

Benefits of Posting Your Property in the Facebook Marketplace

There is no shortage of reasons why property managers, agents, brokers or building managers and hosts may want to work with one of our partners to place property ads on the Marketplace. 

Facebook reach potential

By displaying ads in the Marketplace, you can reach a growing group of active Facebook users in your community who expect the possibility of a convenient search for the next apartment or house. These tenants are usually very determined to find new four corners, and they know how to communicate with other people and companies in the Marketplace.

More potential customers

Many property managers and brokers treat the Marketplace as an additional channel to acquire new contacts each month. When a potential tenant finds your listing and wants to get information about the property, he can contact you in one of two ways, depending on the configuration chosen by the partner that allows you to publish ads in the Marketplace: 

  1. Sending a messenger message to the appropriate member of the advertiser’s team. 
  2. Filling out the form with contact details and sending it to the advertiser. 

Facebook ads 

It is worth investing in Facebook ads. Show ads in these locations 

When creating an ad with the goal of Contact Acquisition, Website Conversions or Website Redirect Clicks, we recommend that you choose the locations below.

  • Goal Acquiring contacts: Ads are best displayed on Facebook or Instagram. At this time, ads with the Acquisition of Contacts goal cannot be displayed on the Audience Network.
  • Goal Conversions on the site: It’s best to display ads on Facebook, Instagram and on the Audience Network.
  • Target Clicks redirecting to the site: It’s best to display ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.



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