How to lower triglycerides

Human body is a wonderful creation. It can serve for years without any issues, assuming that it is supplied with everything that it needs. Most of the supplements come from ingested food which is why healthy diet is so important. If someone doesn’t care about the quality of their food, their health will suffer.

Nowadays, people are set on living fast. That includes their eating habits. Fast food is commonly known and beloved by the masses, regardless of the fact that there is plenty of evidence that shows fast food’s detrimental effect on health. People who enjoy diet filled with fat and sugar tend to suffer from various health issues. Starting with high blood pressure and ending on the most obvious problem, which is increased weight. On the more molecular level, bad diet leads to very poor results of lab tests. More and more people these days struggle with high cholesterol, but there is another common enemy of one’s health. That enemy is high level of triglycerides.

What are triglycerides?

Well, for one thing, they are essential for human body to work. Therefore, they are not an enemy unless their amount remains at the acceptable level. Triglycerides are fat molecules that can be easily found in blood. They are created from lipids that are ingested but not burnt off immediately. Instead, they are converted into triglycerides and then they are transported into fat cells. There, they wait until energy stored in them might become necessary. So basically the main role of triglycerides is storing those calories that are unused but might prove essential in the future.

If diet is filled with fat, the amount of triglycerides starts to get out of control. They start to affect the blood vessels through which they travel, causing a number of issues. For one, they lead to arteriosclerosis, which is hardening and thickening of the artery walls. It often leads to heart disease, strokes or heart attacks. High level of triglycerides also has damaging effect on pancreas, leading to its acute inflammation.

How to lower triglycerides and make sure that blood vessels and pancreas are appropriately protected?

If anyone wonders how to lower triglycerides, losing weight is the most obvious answer. And how to lose weight? Another obvious answer is diet. Improving dietary habits will definitely help to ensure that the level of triglycerides is under control. It means limiting sugar intake and food rich in trans fats. Obviously, another step is following low-carb diet and active lifestyle. Less weight means less fat which also means less triglycerides. Burning off fat tissue is also an excellent way to get rid of many other health issues that tend to appear along with high body mass. Therefore, anything that is connected to slimming down tends to have good effect on overall health.

There are more tricks as to how to lower triglycerides. For example, studies show that high intake of fibre is an excellent way to go. It’s also good to remember that avoiding trans fats does not mean avoiding all kinds of fats. Unsaturated fats can actually reduce the level of triglycerides in blood. It is fairly easy to find them in olive oil, avocados, fatty fish or certain nuts. Surprisingly enough soy protein is also linked with reduction of triglycerides. It’s rich in substances called isoflavones which are also very good for everyone who struggle with high cholesterol. All of it means that occassional tofu or a glass of soy milk might be a good idea.

Also, when it comes to how to lower triglycerides, avoiding alcohol is an excellent trick. Alcohol is high in calories and those quickly get transformed into triglycerides. And while a glass of wine once in a while can actually be healthy, regular beer or two might prove to be much more dangerous.

Therefore, the good news is that the levels of triglycerides can be controlled. Anyone who needs to know how to lower triglycerides will definitely find many ideas. Introducing those ideas into daily routine might be a bigger challenge but it’s a worthy one – investing in health is always the best way to go.


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