The topic of cryptocurrencies has been one of the hottest in terms of investment opportunities for several years. There is no shortage of opinions that cryptocurrencies are rather speculation that only a few benefit from. Information on possible profits, incomparably higher than, for example, on the stock market, affects potential investors. The media informing about new valuation records additionally fuel the interest of potential investors. In the following text, we will try to bring the topic a bit closer and explain the risk of this form of investment.

Cryptocurrencies and payments in the real world

Although cryptocurrencies are virtual, there are already many stores and stationary points on the market where you can pay with Bitocoin – the most popular cryptocurrency. There are already several hundred such points in many coutries, which is quite a decent result. The situation on the Internet looks much better in this respect. All thanks to online payment operators. Thanks to them, when shopping online, we can choose Bitcoin as the form of payment. If someone is looking for an application for already owned cryptocurrencies, it may be online shopping. In periods of strong growth in their value, they can be used as a means of payment.

Is it worth buying cryptocurrencies?

The answer to that question is depends. From what? In fact, at least 2-3 factors.
Cryptocurrencies First of all, the state of our savings. If we have 10-20 thousand PLN for the so-called “Rainy day” the last thing that should interest us is to breach this amount. Our goal should be to protect your money. As in other investments, it is worth applying the principle of diversification, i.e. dividing savings into several parts. Bearing in mind the high fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates, you should not spend more than 10% of savings. We must be prepared to lose a large part of this money. The question is, are we ready for it? The nerves and emotions that accompany losses are never a good advisor. One of the strategies that some investors adopt is buying with a long-term perspective in mind.


Where can you buy cryptocurrencies?

If we decide to buy cryptocurrencies, we can buy them on one of the many exchanges created especially for them. Just create an account, create your wallet and make your first transaction. To facilitate the process and for people less knowledgeable in technical matters, stationary points have been created in Europe that allow you to buy cryptocurrency.

A lot of interesting information about the risks and potential benefits can be found at:

Can cryptocurrency replace traditional money?

On the occasion of Bitcoin and other currencies, the question often arises whether they have a chance to replace traditional money? Although it sounds revolutionary, it is hard to expect that it will be possible in the near future. There are many reasons for this. The first is the need for supervision. Cryptocurrencies do not have one that, on the one hand, gives a sense of modernity and independence, but on the other, raises concerns. This is because without supervision it is very easy to abuse against market participants. Second, stability.

Huge fluctuations in exchange rates practically exclude traditional trade. Nobody will undertake settlements with a currency that may lose 20-30% of its value overnight. Third, the anonymity already mentioned. The use of Bitocoin on a massive scale without supervision could result in numerous abuses and its use for generally considered criminal activities. There are rather real chances that, for example, Bitcoin will be accepted as one of the many strictly virtual currencies that will find their place in the era of the market based more and more on e-commerce. There was a lot of talk back then, incl. about Facebook’s plans to create its own cryptocurrency. The first information on this topic appeared in 2019. The launch is planned for spring 2021.

world biggest bitcoin exchange


To sum up, as with any investment, the purchase of cryptocurrencies also carries a risk. The aforementioned high volatility of exchange rates seems to be the greatest. Under no circumstances should you succumb to the vogue and buy cryptocurrencies just because others are doing it. Even experts who are constantly observing the market admit that it is difficult to predict which direction the market will go. Before we start our adventure with cryptocurrencies, it is worth learning a bit in the subject. There are many portals on the market that provide current information, but the final decision is always up to us. 


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