The acoustic panels

There are many rooms that require proper acoustic. Some of them are places where the music is created or played. Those places were designed to absorb the sound inside the room, not outside it. However, the standard walls are not enough. Nowadays, the acoustic wall and ceiling panels are the perfect inventions to your home cinema as well as professional recording studio. This article will tell more about those panels, their kinds and a place where you can get them in a really good price.

  1. Types of acoustic panels
  2. Where to purchase the acoustic panels in a great price?

Types of acoustic panels

Before you make the decision to purchase the acoustic panels, it is worth to learn about two interesting types that are following:

1) Sound absorption panels, acoustic absorbers – those panels are perfect for the places where the music is created – it means all types of recording studios. Moreover, those panels are also perfect for rooms where the music is played, for example home cinemas. Those panels are available at Addictive Sound and their prices start from 109 Euros. The panels can be installed on your own, just follow the manual. It is worth to add that sound absorption panels can be customized or sold as an acoustic picture what can improve the look of every interior.

2) Bass Trap – those panels were designed to absorb low frequency. It is worth to bear in mind that the low frequencies waves are usually really long – more than 10 metres for 30 Hz sound. Suppression of the sound is really challenging but when you install Bass Trap you will get rid of the sound penetration through walls. Bass Traps are sold in various prices. The final price depends on its shape and class. The standard versions start from 249 Euros.

Where to purchase the acoustic panels in a great price?

Basotect as well as Bass Traps are available at Addictive Sound online store. At the Addictive Sound you will find numerous solutions for your recording studio or home cinema. There are available Basotect panels as well as other products:

– acoustic diffuser

– acoustic screens and soundwalls

– acoustic foam

– hybrid acoustic panels

and other products.

All of those products can be purchased directly in the online store. If you are not sure that solution is the best for you, feel free to contact the workers of the Addictive Sound.

What is more, the customers will also find numerous inspirations at the website when it comes to acoustic adaptation of the listening room, home cinema and recording studio.


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